Distance Therapy


Walk hand in hand with your personal therapist. Identify and tap into a wide range of resources including behavioral patterns and transmute any unwanted effects into positive effects. Transform your physical, mental and emotional un-ease conditions into a radiating positive and loving state of health, mental and social wellbeing. 

We have a passion to work with clients on physical pain and related health conditions.

Our team practice various modalities including knowledge and certifications in various modalities like limiting beliefs emotional freedom techniques and healing grids vibrational medicine.

To that end, everyone is welcome, from all walks of life of all age groups and both genders, from all backgrounds and work and life experiences, online or in person.  I am sure we can work on manifesting a major positive change. Life is short and life must be good. Let’s enjoy what life must offer us this time around and get to the bottom of our life’s missions.

Dr. Joe Dana